Lining Your Shelves With Memories – Relaxed LKN Child Portraits

I know.  It is such an overwhelming thought to sit down and do all the work to make it a reality.  But, can I tell you?  It is the best thing you will ever do!   Today is one of my favorite days of the year… the day we get our family album.  

I made a pact 3 years ago that I would buckle up and do it.  The first year was rough, because I didn’t have everything organized like I should… but since then I’ve developed a system that works for me!

I organize all of my images as I upload to my computer into folders by year, month, and event.  That way, when I go back through, I’m able to quickly create page layouts in sequential order throughout the year!

I do NOT want to rush these years until my shelves are filled with each year of memories, but I sure will be glad that I have them to look back on.