Chapel HillBefore Your Session

Once you’ve booked your session, we can start talking about ideas for your session, including possible locations, what to wear and your goals for the session in general.  I’m here to answer questions anytime.  In fact, if you just want to grab a cup of coffee so we can get to know each other and have some time to chat, I’m always open!

Your Portrait Session

The most important advice I can give to my families is to just relax and have some fun!  I know how stressful it can feel for families.  You’ve decided to invest in custom professional family portraits, but you have this fear that your kids are not going to be quite up for it during that hour or two that they need to be.  Or, maybe you fear that they won’t have that connection with the photographer.  My answer to that is… don’t worry!  Be patient.  Let them be themselves.  Let them run and play.  We will get the images that you are hoping for and have fun doing it… I promise!

Relaxed Lake Norman Family PortraitsAfter the Session

Once I’ve finished editing your family’s images, I will send you an email letting you know that your digital images are on their way!  In that email will be a couple of links. One will be to an online gallery where I will have created several wall displays to get your juices flowing on how you may want to display your images in your home.  This tool is AWESOME and I am so excited to introduce this to you in 2016.  You will be able to see the designs that I created, change out pictures and alter the layouts of those designs, or you can create your own design with a huge selection of options.   The second link will be to my proofing site where you may be able to order traditional prints and/or download the digital images if you just can’t wait to receive your USB in the mail!  🙂  You should expect to see this email come through in your inbox within 2 weeks of your family’s portrait session.

Preserving Your Portraits

It is so important to protect our memories. I love for my families to be able to hang beautiful fine art canvases on their walls.  Life with kids gets hectic. Things get lost and forgotten. Years from now you could have images sitting on your computer waiting to be printed or you could be trusting your printing to a lab that does not provide a quality product built to last. Even worse, those files could have become corrupted and lost forever.  I provide your digital images in your package, because I know the benefits of always having access to these.  But, please consider that this will not be the best and most reliable way to preserve your images for the future.  Back them up and have them printed by a reputable lab that will provide you with a consistent high-quality archival product.  If you need suggestions, I’m always here to help!