Are you looking to bring a little life to your Charlotte preschool portraits?

I was too.  I have 2 young girls.  And, as I started getting preschool portrait proofs, I began to realize that not much had changed in the way of preschool portraits in the last 30 years!  Okay, they MAY have some more fancy backgrounds to choose from and I’m sure the technology is better than when I was that age.  But, overall, the feel was the same.

There’s a reason I love what I do… it’s because I enjoy capturing real life and I believe that’s what most parents like me WANT to see when they look at pictures of their kiddos.  So, I thought, “why not bring a little of what I do to the preschool portrait world?!?”  And, so it began.

Preschool Promo

So, what’s different?

The Setting – I specialize in natural light photography so all of the images will be outside with minimal props and no backdrops… just the wide open air.

Your Child’s Experience – Being outside seems to allow your kiddos to feel more comfortable.  There is plenty of space, no bright lights, nobody making them sit a certain way, etc.  In fact, a lot of times preschoolers don’t want to sit at all!  And, that’s okay.  I’ve been known to play a few games of tag to get them to warm up to the camera!  I will spend the time that I need with each child to to try to ensure we get some pictures that you are excited about.

The Service and Quality – Nothing I do is mass-produced… I just can’t do it.  All of the images are edited so that I can provide parents with the optimal quality.  The prints are the exact same archival-quality prints that you can expect from my custom family portraits.

Contact me if you’d like to find out more about how to schedule SLP for your child’s preschool!

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