Back where I come from: The Clines

Back where I come from: The Clines

So, as many of you know, I have a family of photographers.  My sister, dad and I (and actually my brother now too!)  share the love.  One thing that means is that once a year while the Lanier extension of the Jones family is back home in Memphis, we help each other update our own annual family portraits.  Lucky us, right?!  My sister, Michelle (the “Cline” of Cline Ellis Photography), took some great ones for our little family and I returned the favor by taking some for hers.

It has been so crazy watching these boys grow up from the babies that I remember not so long ago to the boys and young men they are now.  All with completely different but equally awesome personalities, talents, ambitions, etc.  I don’t know… maybe it’s because I don’t see them all the time that every time I DO see them they seem to have grown up so much… but it reminds me that my own baby girls will not be babies for long.  “Slow down, Stacey… take a deep breath.”

I miss these guys every day… counting down until we make our next trip.

I love this first one… it is so them!  I think Dyl is “crying” because it was SO stinkin’ cold outside!  I think all of us kind of wanted to join him.

Natural Family Portraits

But, he managed to pull through…

Relaxed Collierville Family Photography

Pretty good looking bunch, huh?  Love this crew more than words…

Natural Family Photography 11